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  • Our Electricians are committed to your Electrical Safety.
  • Our Electricians will conduct A FREE 10- Point Switchboard Electrical Safety check to complete every job
  • A FREE 10-Point Visual Electrical Safety Check of Your Switchboard will help provide peace of mind for you and your family or staff.
  • Unsafe Switchboards can lead to Fire and Electric Shock!

  1. Exposed live Parts are a serious threat to your electrical safety and should be rectified immediately
  2. A working Safety switch Cuts the power FAST! These are mandatory for power points.
  3. Safety Switches save lives. Add them to your lighting circuits.
  4. Safety switches are mandatory on lighting circuits in new homes.
  5. .Vermin and Geckos can be a fire risk. Head Start Electrical will safely remove any debris and seal access areas to prevent any further infestation.
  6. The Main Earth is an  barrier from electric shock in some circumstances. If it is damaged or missing it should be replaced urgently.



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