The Risk of Fire is Real – July 2024

Hi everyone,
I hope we are all enjoying the clear, cold, crisp days. With no cloud cover the cold is icy!
It truly is beautiful weather, though a little frosty!
Paul and I are lighting the wood fire every night to keep the house cosy and warm, the cold start to the day makes it hard to get out of a warm bed in the morning. “For me anyway”
At the time of writing, the weather is predicted to stay cold and dry.
Our main message this month and again we cannot say it enough!
Everybody please be diligent in making sure we are doing all we can to avoid the risk of fire in our homes!
This important message comes as we heard another home in Brisbane caught fire this week and a mother and son lost their lives. Very tragic!
Please make sure your smoke alarms are clean of dust and insects by vacuuming them and they are in good working order.
It is a fact that “Smoke Alarms Save Lives”
Make sure in case of a fire your escape plan and meeting point are in order and shared with the family.
Don’t take any chances on faulty power points or plugs, or “ funny burning smells” and check your heaters to see they are clean and working correctly.
Can you believe another financial year is starting, it comes around so quickly!
We would like to thank all our wonderful and very valued customers for their support over the years since we have made the Valley our home.
It is great to get to know our regulars and assist those who are new to the Valley and welcome them to our community.
Winter is a great time in our Valley, and we look forward to seeing you out and about!
Till next month,
Josephine and Paul